Crestline Old Fashioned Community Picnic

The Crestline Old Fashioned Community Picnic was the brainchild of Jim and Doe Huff who created it 8 years ago in an effort to bring an event to the Crestline communities that looked like the kinds of things done back in the mid-west, where Jim is from. It takes place at the San Moritz field in Crestline every year on the 4th of July. We are pleased to make it happen again this year.

This event includes 15 custom made games for the kids, watermelon eating contest, pie eating contest, music from local artists, and just good, old fashioned family oriented fun. Kids always win a prize at every game, and there is food, fun and lots of stuff to see and do. Admission is free and the kids games are .25 each

All of this is done through donations and by volunteers from local non-profits and individuals. This is not designed as a for profit event. It is designed to give the kids of the community an opportunity to do something fun for very little money.

This year, The Crestline Communities Development Alliance is pleased to have been asked by the Huffs to take on the organization of the event for the benefit of the community. Of course, we are honored to have done so and our agreement with the Huffs is that we will keep the purpose of the event pure and intact.

The Old Fashioned Community Picnic requires many volunteers and contributions of time in planning, and of donations of money to cover costs and organizations to sponsor games. It takes about 75 volunteers just to set it up and this year, because of some unfortunate circumstances, it will require about 100.

We are dependent upon donations to help pay the operating costs such as entertainment, prizes, ribbons, parking rental, generators, pies, watermelons, insurance etc. There are several ways that you can help us out this year:

You can have a 12’x12’ booth for $50.00 where you can sell your wares. If you are a food vendor, you will also be responsible for obtaining you own County food permits, which are due to the CCDA no later than 6/25/11.

You can have a booth at no cost if you are a non-profit organization providing community information. If your non-profit would like to sell something, we are asking for a $15 fee.

You can host a game (all day) and share it’s booth to sell your wares at no cost.

If you do not want a booth, but still would like to help—for a donation of at least $50.00 you can co-sponsor one of the children’s games. We will then have your family, organization, or company name (up to 20 letters/spaces) printed on our banner.

You can also help out by volunteering. We need 70+ volunteers to assist with the set-up from 3pm-7pm on July 3rd at the Ball Field and shifts managing the children’s games or ticket booth, plus tear-down and packing-up after the event. Please pass the word to your associates, friends and family. We are especially looking for groups/organizations that would be willing to run one of the games for the entire day or help with set-up and teardown. If your group does this, they can advertise/sell at no cost. In this instance, we provide the E-Z Up, games and prizes.

Please be aware that we have a limited amount of space on the field, so it is on a first-come, first serve basis. To reserve your booth space, make a donation, or to volunteer—please fill out the attached registration form. Call Kathy at (909) 338-3450 if you have any questions.
or email us at [email protected] for more information.