which of the following types of ladies U wat me 2. Marry?
Bcus I need 2 marry Dis Year ALAO 1. Virgin
But has bad characters 2. She has good characters, she is not a virgin
But she is very dirty. 3. She is a single mother, educated, rude, disrespectful
But very neat. 4. She is a virgin with good characters
But she is an illiterate with body odour. 5. She is not a virgin, she has good characters
But she has committed abortion five times for five different men. 6. She is educated, very neat, she is not a virgin
But she has hot temper and gets angry easily. 7. She is a mother of two children, she is a divorcee
But she is educated with good characters and she is very neat. PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY
ONE! 08020862135