This page was created to invite the pioneers of Lake Havasu City, AZ USA to congregate on-line and share their stories of growing up in the town as it evolved into the town you see today.

Since the conception of the "Havasu Pioneers" page many have asked to join and they have been welcomed with open arms. The current purpose of the page is to share wonderful insight into the origins of the town, it's people and many unknown facts surrounding Lake Havasu City.

*** WHO IS INVITED: Past residents, Current residents and perhaps a few property owners and distant LHC family members at the founders/page managers discretion.

*** WHO IS NOT INVITED: Those who have no connection to the town, it's residents (past or present) and Face Book browsers who are just looking for something to do. We discourage and decline membership to anyone attempting to use this page for profit, spam, scams, poor conduct or improper use resulting in any inappropriate action taken against our members or the foundation of this page. If you are aware of any inappropriate posts or actions taken on this page please report them to us immediately.

If you are new to this site you have days of browsing through the page where you will find incredible stories, comments and unknown facts most new residents are completely unaware of. If you have an unknown fact from the past to share or a question about the towns past history this is the place for you.

We hope you will continue to enjoy this page and appreciate our efforts to bring all of you together in a safe on-line environment.