Tattoo Artists World - portfolio & guest spot

IMPORTANT: the group is growing and it is very nice to see all the talent out there!
I would like to introduce two rules that I'd like people to respect to keep the group tidy:
Please if you share a picture make sure the name of the artist is part of your post especially when it's not yours!
Also as you know this group is about art and work so please keep it that way, this means :
No page sharing unless the link is part of a piece of work shared. So no "please like my page" unless it's MONDAY for our #mondaypageday
No nudes, duck face or picture showing boobs : art first!
Rude people will be banned aswell smile emoticon

For suggestions/questions refer to Neila Romdane #admin

Share your pictures! ask for advice!
Share the love and have fun!

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