Algonquin s-trip 2013

Okay guys, this is for all the graduate. Joel Tremblay and I want to organize an s-trip to montreal this march break. It's not the expensive s-trip we all heard about last year.This trip will literally be the bomb, it is filled with activities that are super fun. For example; we provide ski/snowboarding passes, tubing passes, a city tour (not just the boring places), and we also go shopping. If that doesn't grab your attention maybe this will, we have planned private parties, that have over 1500 high school students just like you. They will be themed (i.e; graffiti, mardi gras, tight and bright, etc.). You won't have to worry about randoms coming up to you or trying to hit on you, these parties are PRIVATE. Only those who have signed up and attended the S-trip from all over Ontario will be allowed in.
This trip will be taking place over the march break, 4 day trip(March 11th-15). This will included downtown hotel reservations, all transportation paid for. All for the price of 600 dollars. This trip will be the trip of all trips, there will NEVER be a dull moment. I promise you this ladies and gents!
Here is a site that you can show your parents, and get a little more info!