Real Food Nashville

Real Food Nashville was founded by Danielle Kyle in 2010, after a time of prayer and healing from a long term eating disorder. Real Food Nashville is an inspiring group that not only holds an open dialog on real food but also holds physical meetings to study, learn and discuss these topics together. We teach practical tools in maintaining a whole foods diet. We are a Christ centered group who is dedicated to changing the Standard American Diet by using practical small steps that aid you in saying no to processed food, toxins, additives, colorants, and yes to "Real Food" in a positive and encouraging way that is infectious to others!

If you need encouragement, or want to encourage others please feel free to join. We like for all members to create a positive, loving environment for instruction, and service to one another. We prefer to keep our group free from sugar free, and fat free foods, and focus on eating fresh organic produce, true whole, soaked and sprouted grains, pastured organic meat, and raw milk! Any and all respectful discussions about food, including children's allergies, behavioral associations, Paleo, vegan and vegetarian lifestyle are welcome. We encourage ALL local members to try, and make the meetings. It makes acting "real food" living so much easier!!

DISCLAIMER: In addition to Danielle Kyle, our assistant admins are Missi Shearer, and Callie Minton. All three of our admins have various eating styles. While our admins try to stay involved in all active threads within this group, sometimes this is simply not possible. Therefore, please realize that the views expressed by other members are not necessarily the views held by Real Food Nashville or its founders. Please do not take our silence on certain threads as either condoning or condemning the topics under discussion, but simply allowing conversation to flow between members.

Also, please understand that our admins are not apart of the medical community, and encourage all of the members of this group to be under the care of their personal physician, especially when considering alternative-health treatments.

Thank you! Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!

[email protected]