Heather Reid's Internet Marketing & MLM Tools of the Profession

Please respect other members and only post once per 24 hours. Several posts/members due to multiple posts and many more for posting their business in this group.

I've been looking to start a group with a difference, something that can help both beginners and more experienced people in the profession. You may be one of the traditional networkers like we are, just contacting people you know (and/or buying leads). I've spent a lot of money in the past on buying leads - and wasted it all!!! Many of the leads I've bought were people who had no idea why their name was on the list or had never enquired about a business of any sort, lots had incorrect details - especially Bob the Builder (yes that genuinely was one of the leads I bought!!).

This group will concentrate on the type of tools you can use to help you build a modern day Network Marketing business. It will be used for giving hints & tips of what to use, what works best and probably most important - how to use these tools.

It WILL NOT be used for anyone to advertise their business. If you have a link you wish to post, please contact us to ask and we will post bona fide web links for tools on your behalf. This is to include posts for people asking for fan page likes that lead to business adverts for their page as well. I have noticed recently that more people are asking for likes - with the underlying message to recruit for their business. These are inappropriate posts for this group. All posts that are inappropriate will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed from the group. The aim of this group is to HELP other people NOT to bombard them with hundreds of business links

Suggested topics to post are:

LEAD GENERATION – suggestion how to get leads, where from, what works, what doesn’t
ETHICAL WORKING PRACTICES IN SOCIAL NETWORKING – not just Facebook as a social network, but other networks like LinkedIn etc
AFFILIATE LINKS – knowing what they are, how you can get them (please do not try to post your affiliate links here, this is to help other people know what they are etc)
SELF DEVELOPMENT – vital in any business, suggestions for books, videos, speakers etc
HOW TO CONTACT PEOPLE – telephone techniques, email techniques,
AUTORESPONDERS – how to use them, suggestions of companies and their cost per month
MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS – how to generate several income streams
OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS (FREE ONES ONLY NOT 'BUSINESS' ONES) – suggestions for good networks with other business people using them eg LinkedIn
SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE – how to set up good profiles to make people want to work with you.
SUGGESTED ADVERTISING PLACES – suggestions for other web sites where people can advertise their business and costs per month with them

Plus we are open to suggestions for other topics.

NOR ALL companies that are for reading email eg profit Bux, Bux for all etc