Gun Owners Against Facebook Policy

"This group was created in response to Facebook's recent policy... change, and the deletion of groups facilitating legal gun sales. Responsible gun owners have been using Facebook as a form of communication for many years, and creating a legal market for gun enthusiasts to be able to buy and sell their possessions.

While it is understood that Facebook is legally a private company and control its policies as such, it is also understood that Facebook is being swayed by the government in an attempt to infringe upon our rights.

We want to dedicate this group to the open talks, building support and the advocacy of the second ammendment. Active brainstorming and discussion of solutions to aid our situation is how we all get on the same page.

We want this group to help promote and protect our second ammendment rights as well as give the firearms community as a whole a positive image to the public. Use facts... post links... be informed so we can be taken seriously as a group!

We will conduct our discussions in this group with professionalism and respect. No bashing... division of our members is the last thing we need. If you have an issue with a member please report to the Admin. If you see gun support that's not your cup of tea... don't forget it's still gun support. Try your best to just move on. Like a responsible gun owner.

We have only one enemy...
They're called "Anti-Gunners." Not a race, not a political group, not a religion, not a creed... just plain anti-gunner. There's really no better way to call them all out at the same time. It would be helpful for us to stop segregating and allow all of our supporters on board here.

Thank you all for your support!" See More