Prayers for Tristen Holcomb and Family

Tristen, who is 12, was involved in a car accident on Tuesday April 5th with some of his friends. Apparently he was not wearing a seat belt and was the most severely injured when the car sped into a tree. Please make sure you buckle up and make sure you teach your children to do so on short rides and even when they are having fun or it could end in tragedy like this.

He was airlifted from Altru in Grand Forks to Sanford Hospital in Fargo. He has sustained numerous facial fratures, bruised lungs and has severe brain trauma. Amazingly no other organs sustained damage nor any other bones broken.
The next few days are going to be rough for him as his brain has been swelling but it is being monitored. He is in an induced coma to help reduce swelling and is being ventilated.

Once the brain swelling is under control he will have to deal with facial reconstructive surgery, possibly in the next 4 to 5 days if all goes well.
We do not know at this point what if any damage has occurred to his brain but there was only one small spot of bleeding that didn't seem to concern the doctors. And if the swelling stays controlled we can hope for the best.

Tristen is a very strong boy and we are hoping and praying he will fight thru this like he does thru everything in life he comes against.

Family and friends are by his side and praying and we ask you pray along side us.