Groton/New London & Military Resale

If you are interested in a MEMBERSHIP to this group PLEASE READ: You MUST have a valid location posted, valid local groups or a connection to someone in this group before we can add you to the group. If I cannot message you and cannot see your location, your request will be DENIED. Please message me first if your settings are that stringent and provide me with that information.

*You are no longer required to be in the military to join*see #14. This is a place to sell the items you no longer have use for. These rules are made to help make this community run more efficiently and to facilitate exchange of items.
1.) Plan your posts; listing your items as one post per day. My preference is that you post items in an album as they are easy to search for. If you feel that isn’t for you then please post multiple items in the same post or as a collage.
2.) Info to include along with pic is: *Brief info, Size, Price or Best Offer, Meeting place location. Stating immediate pickup should be included if that is what you expect. *Items will be deleted if they DO NOT include this info.
3.) Bump items ONLY once in a 24 hour time frame. Update your post when PPU. Remove when sold.
4.) Allow 24 hours for interested people to respond and/or pickup. Members do have lives. If buyer has not responded move on. If communication for sale fell apart wait no longer than 2 days to move on. Giving someone a week is far too long. You can hold item for a week if you feel buyer will follow through.
5.) MEETING PLACE must be in a location AGREED by both BUYER/SELLER. Please use caution and arrange a meeting place in a safe location.
6.) Please have the correct cash amount with you and check out item before paying for it.
7.) Absolutely NO sales of baby formula, firearms, Knock off items, pets or free pets allowed.
8.) Tupperware, pampered chef, catalog sales, Mary Kay, etc. are at discretion of admin.
9.) Posting of other groups, NEW groups or businesses allowed (at discretion of admin). Bumping once every 3 days)!!
10.) Do not try to outbid someone who showed interest first…….. this is not an auction site. Do not make arrangements with someone and then decide to sell to someone who offered you more.
11.) Please do not snipe someone else's post. If they post something and you have something similar, do not try to sell your item cheaper under their post. Post your own ad, and sell it that way.
12.) Please do not comment on anyone’s ad if you don’t like their pic, price, etc.
13.) You are asked to have common courtesy and be kind to others.
14.) Per FB rules in order to change group name our membership must be less than250. That is the reason you still see the words Military and Groton in the group name!
Any posts violating these rules may be deleted by admins without notice. Not following these rules could get you removed from group.

Thanks for being a part of this. And PLEASE add your friends!!