The Dogs Of Torfaen


1. This group has been set up as a lighthearted fun group with the intention of posting pictures of our canine family members and sharing of events, places to go and/or info deemed interesting.

2. Please do not advertise the sale of dogs, puppies or any other animal also 'free to good homes'. Business advertising is also not allowed.

3. Please show respect for other members they joined this group to put a smile on your face and their's, lets make sure everyone leaves with one.

4. Members do not want to see bickering or arguments so use your Pm's instead of posting your disagreements on the threads. This is not a debating group. Also please refrain from attacking members on the group, if a problem arises please use your Pm or take it up with Admin if not resolved. Bullying will not be tolerated.

5. Please do not post graphic or disturbing images that may upset our members, they will be deleted.

6. Any advice on medicines treatments etc given by members of this group are based on their own individuals experience and intended as help. However your veterinary surgeon may be more qualified to deal with a problem.

Last but not least please enjoy this wonderful group of very special people and their fur babies. Right get posting your pic's!