Adair county swap shop

Created specifically for Adair County, but open to anyone in the local area. This is a central location on Facebook to post items you would like to sell and/or for things you are looking to purchase. If you want to leave your location anonymous, please have the person send you a message through Facebook. If you sell your item or no longer need an item, please remove the post from the group so the page is not bogged down with outdated information.

Obviously, and we shouldn't even have to say it, but, NO inappropriate items, or profanity.Be respectful and be nice to one another!

Feel free to add anyone to this group, it is open to anyone!

PARENTS: I do not have a problem with children buying and selling, I want to note that parents need to be aware and give permission. This is a reminder to make sure you speak with your children who are buying and selling on this Site. Please warn them not to give out personal information and do not allow meetings without an adult present!

CHILDREN: If you are under the age of 18 and on this site, you need to make sure your parents are aware and tag them in all your interactions. NEVER give out your personal information to anyone without your parents consent! Be VERY careful!

I may have created this group, but I am not responsible for sellers and buyers! Thanks!

The Creators of this Site, are in no way responsible for the actions of members on this Site.