Laconia Middle/High School Chorus

congratulations to all the 8th graders who are now freshmen!!!(: so sad I didn't get to see it happen, but I'm still proud of all y'all. heart emoticon I'll see you at the big high school next year! ;D ALSOO! For all the theatrically talented kiddos out here, here are the dates for the upcoming auditions for summer theater!!! for those of you who haven't heard the whole backstory; or need to here it again...
this summer, LHS theater is going to be putting on some summer one acts that will be student directed and the program itself is being run by our officers, President Josh Rawson and VP Gwen Huot mainly. smile emoticon
there will be 5 or 6 wonderful one acts to audition for so I hope to see you there! it's a great opportunity to meet some awesome upperclassmen!
dates: June 26th, 27th, and 28th.
26th- 12-2
27th- 2-4
28th- 4-6
please try your best to make it to at least one! we havent figured out which directors will hold auditions which days but I'll try to remember to let you guys know via this group. If I forget feel free to contact me with questions if u dont know the officers or feel more comfortable talking to me.
this is open to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! if you are going into 7th or 8th grade NEXT YEAR, please come see the shows. if you would like to try out, feel free, HOWEVERRR, you will be competing for more advanced roles with people who will be 12th graders next year:( unfortunately the plays are also quite short as welll, which is why for you I suggest coming to see, just for now:) if alll goes well, next summer may be better for you! grin emoticon.
hope I see some of you at the plays or auditions!
(especially since imma director!(;)