Kempsey BABY/KIDS Buy, Trade and Sell

Buy, Trade and Sell for Baby/Kids in Kempsey.

Please note that this is a CLOSED GROUP so only members can see what you post, inc photos, All posts will be approved by admin before being added to the group.

All posts must be BABY or KIDS related! Any posts advertising anything else will be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from the page without warning.

Admin does not take responsibility for ANY sale. All sales are the responsibility of the member who posts the item. Disputes are not controlled by admin, but you are asked to sensibly resolve the issue amongst yourselves. Admin advises that you do not post your personal information, such as home address or phone numbers, onto the page.

If you are interested in buying the item, but have a question about it, please write "Sold Pending..." underneath the item. The first person who writes "sold" is first in line. The first person to write sold has a chance to barter price with the seller before the seller can offer the item to another person. The seller has 48 hours to be contacted and arrangements made for the sale before reposting an item. If you do not contact the seller within 48 hours, the seller has the right to repost the item, or offer ti to any person waiting in line.

Any posts on this website that are knowingly marking up the price of tickets to different functions will be removed. Not only is this practice unethical, it is ILLEGAL. Any queries can be answered by the Department of Fair Trading. Admin will remove any posts that are advertising marked up tickets as they will NOT be responsible for ANY illegal act on this website. Any offending members will be removed.

Admin will work as diligently to ban any suspicious member as soon as possible from the page. Admin advises members to protect themselves as much as possible and avoid all transactions that appear to be misleading or questionable.

Once an item has been sold and collected, can you please remove your post from the page. This includes any photos. It is the sellers responsibility to remove the photo and post. If you can't delete for some reason, please tag admin asking for the post to be deleted.

Please bump your item and do not repost the same photo over and over. It just clogs up the page with too many photos of the same items. You can use the search button at the top of the page (on your computer) to search for any posts you have made.

Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the page.

If you need to contact admin, please contact Casey Micallef. We do not always see requests for admin to contact members.

Happy Hunting!