WDW College Program Spring 2012-Merchandise

Group Info
Group Cast Members that are working in Merchandise. This is open to anyone. Please post any give away shifts, trades or requests pertaining to Merchandse.

Please keep it all professional.

All shifts picked up via the shift exchange at AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please be aware that not everyone will be honest with the type of shift. Also, be aware that management is in NO WAY connected to the facebook exchange, so any late starts, points accumulated, wrong zones, etc are the sole responsibilities and faults of the people involved in the exchange.

Please be aware that managers CANNOT approve straight time for overtime.

DO NOT give out your Hub ID over the exchange. Please send it via text, private message, or give the person a call. If you provide your hub ID, you run the risk of getting unknown shifts without your approval. Likewise, DO NOT abuse the accidental posting of a hub ID. This is a serious offense.

Also be aware that it is up to the two people involved in a trade to determine if it has been approved. Not every shift is approved and if you "trade" or "give away" a shift on the exchange, realize it isn't official until Labor says it is! Providing a printout of a facebook page DOES NOT count if you arrive at work and have no shift. You MUST have a copy of an approved request from labor.

This group is only for shift related issues. Please keep our conversations limited to work-related topics and keep it civil.

Please be courteous to all cast members. Keep it PROFESSIONAL at all times.

Thank you for your support.