I Want to Succeed

Most of us have ambitions and dreams:

Some of us want good health.
Some of us want a lot of friends.
Some of us want to be rich.
Some of us want to know how to dance.
Some of us want to succeed in general.
Some of us want all of the written above and some more...

After considering some of the ambitions and dreams above, the recommended

Another way to put this question (or more importantly use it as a complementary
question) is:

Do you have good enough reasons to want it/this?

There is a story that tells about a young man that asked Socrates how he could
acquire wisdom.

"Come with me" Socrates replied.

He took the boy into the river and pushed his head under the water, where he

held him until the boy was almost breathless.

Then, he took the boy's head out of the water...

Once the boy cached his breath Socrates asked him: "What did you want more

than anything when your head was under water?".

"I wanted air" replied the boy.

Socrates smiled and said: "When you'll long for wisdom as much as you longed

for air when your head was under water – you'll get it!".

It's time to ask yourself - Do you long for something to the extent to which you

would long for air, while your head is under water?

Here is the story a little more familiar, if you personally didn't experience this - a

friend or yours certainly did:

You know her for a long time and for years she wants to quit smoking...

It didn't really worked out... Until...

She became pregnant.

What caused the change?

She had a really good reason.

These two stories illustrate a few things:

1. Only if you aspire / desire something seriously, like the desire for air under
water – you will do something about it.

2. One way to reach such a level is - a really good reason.