Fulton County, Ohio Community Watch

This group is open to residents of Fulton County, Ohio and surrounding towns. Recently there have been many break-ins and suspicious activity throughout the county. If it is an emergency situation, please call 911. If it is non-emergency, the Fulton Co. Sheriff's Dept is 419-335-4010. Please call the Sheriff's department and report all suspicious activity and crime first, before posting here.

Please be civil, rude comments will not be tolerated. If there is a dispute between yourself and someone else regarding a post, please contact that individual. Admins of this group only created this space for all to have open dialog & we are in no position to make judgement calls on what is posted by members of the group. Harassment will not be tolerated and members who threaten others will be banned from the group.

This is not a garage sale site. Items posted for sale will be deleted.