Free items around accringtons bb post code

Rules of this group are as follows :

1. No items are to be bought or sold because this group is specifically for items that are free,,also no advertiseing of any kind unless you inbox admin joe first as you risk being removed from the group

2. Please specify approximately the area you live in, also when any item/s have been collected could you please delete your post.

3. Any posts asking for items will you please make sure you are polite and make sure you use your manners.

4. Please don't ask for most items you see offered just because they're free.

5. Anyone who arranges to meet someone to collect any item/s, will you please make sure you turn up, if for any reason you cannot make it then please make sure you tell the person who is giving you the item asap so that you do not waste their time. If anyone does waste a persons time without telling them with plenty of notice, you will be removed from the group.

6. Please thank the member you have received any item/s from once they have been collected.

7. Please don't inbox the person offering any item/s until they say its yours (this ensures fairness within the group and avoids any confusion).

8. If a member is in need of an item, please do not make any unwelcome comments unless you can offer any item/s that are being asked for or your comments will be deleted and you could possibly be removed from the group.

9. Please do not give away any pets.

10. Please can you delete your post when your item/s have been collected.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! If anyone decides to block any ADMINS for whatever reason, you will be removed without notice!