Garner Yard Sale

Welcome to Garner Yard sale!


This group is for the purpose of trading or selling your unwanted items. This page is NOT intended to be a marketing page for any type of stores, home party sales/ direct sales, homemade craft items, charity, fundraising, babysitting/housecleaning, homes for sale, homes for rent, etc..........

1. When posting a item (s) please always include a picture along with a description of the item, the amount that you want to sell the item for and your location only ONCE. Please include price!! This is NOT a bidding site.

2. Please do not double post, if you need to find your item(s) to “bump” AFTER every 24 hours, see directions below. Those who continually bump their post before the 24 hours will be at risk of being removed from group. This includes editing your post! You may edit the post, do not repost. To edit post, just click the shaded arrow(top right of post) on your post and hit edit.

3. WHEN YOUR ITEM HAS SOLD, YOU MUST DELETE THE PHOTO/DESCRIPTION FROM THE GROUP. This will help keep the page clean and up-to-date for new items to be seen easily. Again, repeat offenders will be removed from group.

4. Zero Tolerance! Do not post anything negative in regards to a sale gone wrong, problem w/seller or buyer, nothing! Have a problem w/someone or something that has happened, take it off the site. If you feel a post is inappropriate, tag a admin. Garner Yard, Karyn Barefoot, Diane Engelmohr, or Brenda Vincent. Again, Zero Tolerance.
Be nice or be banned!

5. Sales go wrong, no shows, or people changing their mind. Admins are not responsible for this. As always: *buyer beware*
We strongly suggest you feel comfortable with who you are dealing with and only give personal info in a email and not posted on page.

You are welcome to "BUMP" your item(s) once AFTER every 24 hours.

Administrators are not responsible for facilitating sales, or payment transactions. All transactions are assumed as is and transacted between members and are considered at your own risk.

To find your post from a Laptop/desktop to delete/edit/or bump (after 24 hours) ........go to Garner Yard Sale home page, look up to the right for the magnify glass & click on it, a box should pop up to put in your name or a key word for item you may be looking for. You should be able to find your items to delete or update.

To find your post from a mobile device or tablet to delete/edit/or bump (after 24 hours) ........go to your home page, and look for activity log, you should be able to scroll through your log to find your items in this group. you may also do this from your mobile device/tablet by signing in via the web over the app.