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Welcome to the original Football Forum aka MALTA FF, the home of football banter where you will find the widest range of football fitti on the Maltese islands.

As a member of Football Forum, you'll never watch another game alone.

Personal insults arising from football banter will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

If you are unable to see a naked breast without breaking into a sweat, please do everyone a favour and piss off. You are not wanted.

Please be informed that wages will be deducted for double posts and idiocy. Moments must be accepted and may result in docked wages.

Relax. Know your place. Donations welcome.

Your Leaders:

Carl Tabone - The Giver of Light & Life (GOLL)
Karl Brock - The Almighty Fuhrer
Andrew Briffa - The Honourable Minister of Propaganda

Of worthy mention:

Warden Dirk Debono - Head of Operations - Fittagni / Wages & Moments
Young Daniel Zammit - Mini-Master of Moments
Dave Camilleri - Teenage Secretary of Moments
Ryan Debono - TBCOO (The Best Chief Organisational Officer)
Dre Mifsud - ATTBCOO (Assistant to The Best Chief Organisational Officer)
Trevor Caruana - Ex-Chief Organisational Officer(COO), better known as 'Berta l-qahba', The Green Jelly Monster.
Malcolm Fava - Breasts in the Skies
Ron Harrison - Ronnish
Matthew Bonnici - The Poisonous Dwarf of Accountancy("Nano" for short)
Paul Cauruana Turner - The only Gay in the Village(aka schwul)
Stuart Firman - Gandhi with a Twist
Andrew Zarb Cousin - Schettino the Clown
Vince Abela - Vinnie the Poo
Andrew Kamsky - The First Lady
Timmy Agius - El Fueho Caliente
Gruppenführer Vincent Valletta - Spelling Nazi of the Grammar Gestapo(Leader)
Fähnrich Yanis Tonna - Spelling Nazi of the Grammar Gestapo(Ensign)
Kelly Fenech - The Prodigy
Ronnie Saliba - Shakespeare's Cousin
Darrell Borg - The Death of Comedy
Michael Vella de Fremeaux - Bloody Married Hemorrhoid aka Fremmy the Hemmy
Andrew Decesare - The Chosen One
Shaun Decesare - Mr.Jynx - Shaune Caruana Galizia
Malcolm Soler - Gandalf
Stephen Gudja - Gudja Champions
Kurt Saliba - Wiwi
Rowan Polidano - Don Juan aka Zlaccu tal-bebbux
David Zoids - The Naked Chef aka Fil-Kcina ma Zoids
Andrew Valenzia - The Puppy Whisperer
Sebastian Delsinger - Fat Swedish Friend
Marlon Galea - Grandmaster Marlon de Birgu
Julian Caruana - Hello QPR Physio
Matthew Sammut - The Anchorman
Colin Giudice - MOTM - Man of the Moment
Kevin Decesare - Kev DeCinema
James Paris - Hames Paris
Neil Mercieca - Smokin Hot Cracker
Daoud Khan - Smooth Operator
Luke Lyttleton - Dirty Slag
Marcus Zarb Cousin - Poochie
David Znoq - Znoqstar

Of Unworthy Mention:

David Atkin - Sandy Vagkin - The Sahara desert of Sandy Vaginas