For Sale In Chatham Illinois

The Following are New Rules or Adjustments to Existing Rules that Will Now Go Into Effect For This Site:

1. Administrators will now have an active hand in this site. If you violate these rules, the posts in violation will be deleted.

2. There will be absolutely no bidding wars!

3. If you post something for sale and someone says they are interested, you must give them 24 hours to respond. If they do not respond then you can move to the next person! If you post on multiple sites, then please list that as well.

4. DO NOT Post a single item more than ONCE per WEEK. If you post the same thing every day it does not leave much time for other posts to get noticed. Once a week, no more, any extra posts for the same items within 1 week WILL be deleted.

5. DO NOT use SOMEONE ELSE'S POST to advertise your own services. If you put up an ad for a service, noone else should be offering the same service on YOUR post. Anyone who violates this rule will have their post deleted and will be warned.

6. If you post a post asking for a service, please post a response AS SOON AS YOU CHOOSE THE VENDOR FOR THE SERVICE. We need to know if you have found what you want so we can clear your post to make room for others.

7. If you are a BUSINESS Owner (Such as SCENTSY), you may posts advertisements for your business site, or certain items on special, but please, do not use this site as a place to show off your entire inventory.

8. Due to many infractions towards the administrators, these rules are hereby edited: As of 5/30/11 - ANYONE showing disrespect toward our administrators, the site, or anything like that will be BANNED. We are tired of doing hard work for a few people to try to make us feel badly about the way we run things.

9. Another 5/30/11 Update: If a post is deleted, private message an admin. We will only delete messages left on the wall if they do not pertain to for sale items, or the few other concessions we give on our page. If you complain on the wall and continue to dig yourself a hole we WILL fill it with a BAN.

ALL of these rules are now in place and effective immediately in order to give everyone a fair chance at selling their items, and to eliminate clutter and multiple posts of the same thing. If a post of yours gets deleted, just know it is because you are in some way in violation of these rules.

Thank You

Tricia Hoskins - FSIC Administration Team.