The ME sittingbourne Post Code Group

For everyone who lives or has lived in the Swale area wanting to share memory's and community re acquaintances.
STRICTLY NO ADVERTISING :) try to keep gossip relevant to the site please random gossip will be deleted!
if you have a problem or a groan DO NOT post it on the group page...private message an Admin.
members if you post anything we don"t like we will delete it , even if it is a viable debate.
Please do not discuss anything foreign,or of a religious nature as freedom of speech is not allowed on this forum ;)

Hi everyone and welcome to one of the most popular groups in
Sittingbourne. We like the fact that the group is largely self-governing but feel the following guidelines should help members and guide new members as to what is and isn't appropriate :

Be aware you are on a public forum, with members of all ages, so watch your language.
Keep your posts and pictures relevant to the spirit of the community group.
No comments mocking others (unless that person is also involved in your “fun”).
No homophobic comments.
No racial slurs or negative comments about people from other countries.
No picking on any minority group – regardless of your personal opinions (to which of course you are entitled) this is NOT the venue for these.

No spamming
We hope you can respect the above and continue to enjoy this
group. However, any posts not deemed appropriate by the admin team will be
removed without notice.

We are all enjoying the photos posted here, some we have never seen and others bring good memories but we cannot support breaches of copyright. If you find the photos in books or you think that permission is needed, please do not post the photos without giving details of the book's name and authors. Thank you.