Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum

Welcome! שָׁלוֹם! السلام! Willkommen! خوش آمدید! Bonjour! Bienve...nido!

The Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum offers Jews, Muslims, and those of other faiths the opportunity to participate in an ongoing dialogue for the purposes of creating more amiable and sustainable ties with each other. The group was launched in July 2011 at the Muslim Jewish Conference in Kiev, Ukraine, following a discussion among three Muslims from Germany, Pakistan and Ukraine respectively and two Jews from the United States about the need for a platform where Jews, Muslims and others could engage with each other on a global scale and unite in our mutual desire for positive Jewish-Muslim relations. Today, the Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum has members in over 60 countries, representing all seven continents, and we continue to grow.

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The Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum aims to create an open, respectful environment where we can discuss and educate each other about our concerns and the issues affecting our communities; share information about interfaith events at the local, national and international levels; and challenge the stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination that has plagued our communities both from within and from the outside. Our primary focus is on the issues that unite the two groups rather than what divides us.

1. The Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum is designed to be a respectful, tolerant space where Muslims, Jews and others can learn about each other and develop positive, sustainable relationships regardless of their location around the globe. Accordingly, please use respectful language in your posts and interactions, especially when discussing sensitive topics.

2. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is close to the hearts of many of our members, yet discussions around the topic can often be divisive. Our goal is to talk with each other and not at each other, and we feel that impassioned debates are not suited for the Facebook format. If you would like to bring up an issue related to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, please be mindful of the plurality of opinions that exist among our members and refrain from using inflammatory language. Otherwise, we invite you to engage in such discussions on other, more appropriate forums.

3. Please be aware that we reserve the right to block members who use inflammatory, hurtful language while interacting with other members of our group and to remove posts that we feel are not consistent with the mission of the Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum. While we do not aim to censor, we want to make this a safe, positive space for all of our members.

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