Aitkin county men's buy, sell, swap

All posters must be at least 18 years old.
Anyone may post here but it is items primarily for men. Tools, fishing equipment, r.v. & sports items, automobiles, trucks, etc. are the main items we are looking for. We do not want an endless stream of clothing, jewerly and stuff like that as there
are many other sites that accept those types of things. Cloths may be posted if they are men's items.

1)Bumping is allowed once per day.
2)items may remain posted for one month before having to be renewed.
3)No person may have more than five postings active at any one time. If you have more than five items please do it in album form.
4) Please be respectful towards other posters, no foul language, deragatroy statements towards others will not be tolerated and will get you banned from the site..
5)This site is not responsible for any items bought or sold. As always the policy of buyer beware is your responsibility.
6) Businesses may list their website if they desire, but no ads for hiring.