Music Appreciation Group

Hi Guy's....Welcome from the MAG..This is a group where you can your favorite songs, join in a quiz & meet some super people.... We ask that you leave 5 mins between all posts so that everyone will get a chance to listen and see what you have posted.
Also you can post anything you find of interest as long as you keep it music related! All political, religious, race, and pornographic post are banned and you will be removed from the group.. MAG does NOT allow any advertising without prior consent from an admin....NO ADVERTISING OTHER WEBSITES, FORUMS OR ASKING PEOPLE TO LIKE YOUR PAGE. Also, You do not have to be friends with any of the admins, but you can not block any of us!
Please keep the MAG fit for all
Admins are .......
Sally Oliver
Allen Oliver
Paul Spid Spinks.
Greg Mylett.
Nancy Mylett
John Damelio (JD)
Ashley Smith.
Kevin Rountree
Pat Crown
Tina Alli Pop Braaf

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