Hassle Free Selling Gympie And Surrounds

As the description says

Adding some new rules to the site
1. Price must be listed.
2. Location added.
3. Answer questions preferably within 48 hours.
4. Do not steal someone elses sale by posting on their ad.
5. If I see unwanted remarks such as rude comments you will be banned.
6. If you can inbox photos why don't you make an album so people don't need to continuously ask.
7. If more than 2 people ask same question post answer on ad not in inbox.
8. No sharing of other peoples FOR SALE ITEMS. If the item is not in your possession, you can't sell it here.
9. Only ONE Bump in a 24 hour period.
10. All puppies for sale must state Microchipped and Vaccinated.
11. Duplicate posts for same item WILL be delete.
12. PLEASE contact ADMIN if you have any problems with others on site or no shows. As these people will be removed from the group immediately

If you Can't follow these simple rules your ad will be deleted
If I have to delete 3 of your ads for the same reason you'll be banned from group.