STL Flight Club ( Elite Sneaker Sales)

Welcome to STL Flight Club where you can buy, sell and trade shoes and shoe related items.

8 Admins are available for assistance:

1.Tyler Murphy
2. Neal Kessler
3. Andrew Daniel
4. Marcus Muthafukin Jones
5. Fabian Jones
6. Dylan Stradtmann
7. Carl CEno Grimmett III
8. Emmanuel 'E-man' Rodriguez

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Please keep it civil and respect each other.
***Auto-bans include: racial slurs, bullying, stealing, scamming and spamming***

2. We promote posts anything sneaker related whether it be to show off a latest pick up, buying, selling, trading, or release updates etc. We also condone non-sneaker related (NSR) posts.
*ONLY sneakers or sneaker related items can be posted for sale. Check out Electronic's For Sale/Trade
*NO pornographic or racial/degrading pics.

If you are selling or trading then we recommend you post the following:
b.) SIZE
c.) CONDITION (example: Bred 4s, 9/10)
e.) TRADE - or the shoes you are looking for.

4. NO FAKES!!!! All shoes posted must be authentic!!!!!!
If you post a fake, you will be educated on why its fake. You may, however, post a pic of a shoe and ask for a "legit check".

Commonly used phrases:

BIN - Buy it now, as in price you want to sell item for

BUMP - Up/Bump/TTT/Any thing put in post by original poster is a way to move post to the top of the page

CW - Colorway, different color in shoe

DS - Deadstock, brand new, never worn or tried on. Or, brand new and out of stock

Grails - The one pair of shoes you always wanted! You will do anything for them. Used to be only older, hard to find shoes. Now it is used for older and new

Hooded/Beater - 7/10 condition or lower- Major wear, could have sole separation, cuts, scrapes, paint chipping/cracking etc.

NFS - Not for sale

NPU - New pick up. A new shoe you just got for your collection.

NSR - Not Sneaker Related. This is typed when posting something not sneaker related.

OG - Original, in case of shoes OG means the very first release, not a retro.

OG all - means original all, everything shoe came with when bought at store

SOTD - shoe of the day

UNDS- Un-deadstock, first time ever wearing this shoe.

VNDS (very near deadstock) or PADS (Pass as DS) - Worn, not brand new, but no signs of actual wear, looks almost brand new.

WDYWT - What did you wear today

Disclamier ***We Will Not Be Held Accountable if anything happens to you or your transactions. Be smart and safe! I encourage doing meet ups at public places and/or always buddy up.***