Bracelets for Alexia

so if you dont know, a big group of us went on a mission trip to the bahamas for our spring break. there was a little girl down there who is completely deaf. Her name is Alexia, or lexie for short. the missionary family living down there has tried a few times to get her to the united states and get her a free consultation with a doctor about her hearing. both times have failed. Now, Lexie is a candidate for cochlear implants which is a $70,000 procedure that will basically help her hear sounds and let her understand speech and communicate with the rest of the world.

what i and a few other girls have decided to do is make braided bracelets and sell them for about 5 dollars each with all the profit going towards lexie getting these implants. if you want one, just post the colors on the group wall and i'll tell you when its ready. OR if you dont care, we will make a lot of bracelets post their pictures on facebook and just message us if you see one you like! :)

thanks so much :)