180 JumpStart & Flat Belly Detox 15-Day Challenge

Welcome to the official private FB group for the 180 JumpStart & Flat Belly Detox 15-Day Challenge!

We're all here to encourage and support one another, and have fun with it! We will share healthy recipes for your meals, as well as snack ideas. We look forward to reading your posts and comments before, during, and after the challenge. Below is a brief description of how the challenge works. Good luck on your 180 JumpStart!

In a nutshell, the challenge is committing to replacing any 30 meals with Shaklee 180 smoothees during these 15 days, also checking in daily on this FB group page, keeping a food journal, and doing 5-minutes of resistance exercises every day. Participants will need 2 Shaklee 180 smoothee mix canisters as a minimum, plus any other Shaklee 180 products they want to add for convenience or to maximize fat-burning (i.e. snack bars, snack crisps, energy tea, Metabolic Boost, etc). We also offer an optional Flat Belly Detox Package, see Files section for details. NOTE: We highly encourage new people to join with any Shaklee 180 Kit to take advantage of all the free stuff: free membership, free Shaklee 180 app, and a chance to win prizes from Shaklee.

Contact your Shaklee consultant if you have any questions or concerns.

Design your nirvana with small daily steps. ~ Suni Ferrer