All Assam Computer Teachers' Association

"If all the member within our Group are working unitly as hard as possibly can, it is enough to reached our goal."
============Rules for Group============

1. Every Teacher should be had a recent profile Picture.

2. Every Teacher can mention their school name in Profile as a Computer Teacher.

3. Every Teacher must join in Facebook.

4. Without permission of Dist. Pre. / Sec. a Teacher can’t enter the GROUP. If a Teacher can't attain Dist meeting continuously then he or she also may be removed.

5. This is a general instruction about this group to all members be a part of the healthy discussion, always enhance the positivity and good works in between Group members, don't involved into any personal attack as well as hate sharing, respect others views points and do present your valuable view always on a well presented manner, administrator has the right to delete /remove any post or comment.

6. If a Dist give a request 2 Administrator for remove a Teacher (mention the reason) then 1st administrator enquiry it, if the complain is correct then he/she may be REMOVING.

7. If Administrator should remove a Teacher he/she also told why he/she remove from GROUP.

8. Before removing any Teacher from GROUP, Administrator should mention the reason in GROUP within 3 days.

9. Teacher should bound obey all the rules of AACTA.

10. After joining Dist committee at least 5 days for add in GROUP.

11. A Teacher can post daily up to 10 post & also humble request not to post any unrelated topics or photos of this Group.

12. If a Comment make controversy then if Administrator wish he may be remove it.

13. If a question is arise against a Teacher or Dist Sec. /Pre. or AACTA then he or she must be reply.

14. If any Teacher post wrongly from maximum time than he or she may be removed. Offensive comments / slangs are not allowed at any point of time.

15. Someone may not know something, which may be very easy for others. Don’t scold in such questions and don’t discourage the person from asking questions.

16. It is kind request to all Teachers if you see any fack account in this group, then please inform to administrator.

17. You may post your innovative ideas, which may help others. But Group Admin may delete your posts, if they consider they are not up to the mark or too mainstream. Any violation of the above rules may lead to the termination of your membership from the group. Group Administrators normally don’t like to block anyone. Unfortunately, in some cases we have to be harsh on unwanted posts and so, on the group members. You may also bring to the notice of the Group Administrator by sending private messages if something fishy is going on.

NB - This Rules are issue from 2nd January 2014. Rules are equal for all.
Thank you
Date - 26-12-2013
Time - 7:27 PM