Kaysville YSA Ward

We meet in the Burton Lane Chapel (162 E Burton Lane) at 12:30 on Sunday. Sacrament meeting is first.

Family Home Evening is held Mondays at 7:00 (unless it is a holiday).

Institute is Tuesday night at 7:00 at Davis High with food at 8:00 and at the Tabernacle for those 25 and older.

Ward Temple Night is normally the 4th Wednesday of every month. Does change though.

Bishop: Paul Belnap - 801-839-9778
Executive Secretary: Jeff Tucker - 801-660-5750
Ward Clerk: James Farnsworth - 801-719-1204
Finance Clerk: Bruce Probst -801-544-7365

Elders Quorum President: Cameron Mason 801-888-0327
Relief Society President: Kristen Beck - 801-721-6001
Sunday School President: Brett Ferrin - 801-529-6053
Family History Supervisor: Derek Moore - 801-721-4531
Family Home Evening Supervisor: Emily Cooper 801-663-9724
Ward Mission Leader: Andy Firmage 801-510-8912
Full-Time Missionaries - 801-651-8946
Sign-up to feed the Full-Time Missionaries: http://goo.gl/m7NHTG