You know you grew up in San Diego, if you remember...

Welcome all :-)

The rules to this group are few, and simple.

1) Please do not post things that are political or religious in nature. You may feel strongly about somethingbut in a group this large, there are bound to be others that feel just as strongly against what you post and that leads to drama and drama is NEVER good. Besides, there are literally THOUSANDS of other places you can post to like minded individuals!

2) Respect your fellow members! Again, in a group this size there are bound to be people who see things differently than you. If you don't agree with someone,just block them. Nobody here wants to read running fueds. when you block someone, they can no longer see your posts, nor you see theirs (note: DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS. anyone who has been here for a while can tell you even the most innocent of posts can take a left turn and become contentious. If an admin is blocked, we cannot see the post or do anything to fix it or break up any fights)

3) Please do not try and sell anything or offer services for hire, this is not the forum for that. Any posts of that type will be immediately removed and the poster will be banned from the group.

4) Please watch your language. Again, this is a large group, and what might not seem offensive to you is likely to be offensive to others. My personal rule of thumb is, if you don't say it to your own Mom or Grandmother, then don't say it here, because half the members are SOMEBODY's Mom or Grandma. If you feel the need to drop F-bombs, drop them on your own page.

5) If an otherwise appropriate post becomes argumentative by multiple members for a majority of the posting, that post MAY be removed at the discretion of the administrators. If it is just a few that are appearing to cause strife, those individuals will be addressed with either a private message or removal from the group. This group is for fun, but with the number of members growing each day, there will be a difference of opinion. But once it is clearly evident that the post has taken a negative turn, it will be removed. The originator of the post MAY be contacted and asked to voluntarily remove the post, however the administrators of this group are trusted to do the best they can to keep this page enjoyable, and will act accordingly.

6) last but not least... HAVE FUN!... That is what this page is meant for. We may, on occasion stray from subjects that are strictly San Diego related, but if you want to post about childhood memories, favorite cartoons, toys etc, feel free. as long as it stays civil and no one complains to the admins and people are having fun then it is OK with us.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact an admin, Chuck Hamm, Lori Greene, Ben Fish, Mike Resnick, Mark Todd, or myself