~ Spouses of Maple Terrace ~

Unless we can tell you are located here, we will not accept your request!

Welcome Spouses of Maple Terrace!

This group was created to get us spouses together just to chat about anything and get to know one another :) Share favorite food recipes, Pinterest ideas, have meet ups for coffee, kid play dates, go on walks, gym, pool, etc!

* Please, let's have this page Drama Free & No advertising for sale items or businesses. Thanks! *
*No profanity or name calling will be allowed. The first offense will result in the post being deleted. Second offense results in being banned
*While posting or responding to a post, please be aware that we ALL come from different places, have had different experiences and were raised differently. Your opinion is just that, so please don't take things personally=)

If you haven't already, check out the North Polk (Maple Terrace) Buy, Sell, Trade page!