Remember WHO YOU ARE

Namaste to All and Welcome. When we remember who we are, what we are not falls away. Here we aren't concerned with how this happens or contriving a way. Eventually all that's in our experience falls away and who we are is revealed to be the silent awareness from which it's quietly observed. Unknowable, Unnameable, Unmade Being. Remembering This That Is Here isn't based on forgetting. It's based on uninvolved seeing. On unbiased recognition. On the dismantling and dismembering of our self image. It's the constant invitation to abide in your natural freedom space again and again in the joy of your effervescent being until your main experience is no longer a state coming and going. This doesn't require anything really but the willingness to see and be. Effortless being is happiness, joy, Peace naturally without need or motives. Only then do we honor ourselves and all beings in truth, honesty and well being. Welcome home. Welcome to what never changes.
Please be kind enough to keep your posts relevant. ♥ Ujanandaji