Gvahim Non-Profit & Public Sector Network

Welcome to Gvahim's NPPS page.
This is where we will share upcom...ing events and information which are relevant to olim who want to build their careers in the non-profit and public sectors.

You are all invited to share exciting, thought provoking, challenging or relevant events and articles about:
1) Job opportunities and professional development opportunities (conferences, courses, etc)
2) Articles of interest and relevance to people looking to work in the third, public and emerging "fourth" sectors, and Israeli society in general
3) Volunteer opportunities, in recognition of the role that volunteering has in supporting olim to find work (network, learn Hebrew, understand the sector, etc)

We are happy to support oleh entrepreneurship, but ask that advertising for products/events is kept modest - we leave that to your discretion!

Please note that admins reserve the right to remove items which they deem as inappropriate to the network's goals. See More