Fumizuki Academy ( Baka to Test to Shōkanjū )

Fumizuki Academy has 6 classes, each of about 50 students, of each year level, from A to F, with the smartest class being A and the dumbest being F. The placement exam determines the class you will be in. The higher you score, the higher up in rank you will be, meaning you will be in A if you score a very high score, but if you score very badly, you will be in class F. Leaving the exam halfway will result in you getting 0 marks (sending you to class F) and so will forgetting to put your name, or putting it in the wrong place.

The facilities of each class level varies, meaning that the higher classes, like class A, will get better quality facilities, e.g. class A gets a larger room than the other classes and things like a wall-sized plasma-screen TV instead of a blackboard, a fancy glass ceiling, high-class drawings hung on the walls, ornamental plants, and things that made it look like a 5-star hotel, and to top it, everyone gets a laptop, personal air-conditioner, fridge, adjustable chairs, etc.

However, class F is on the other end of the scale. The classroom is a relatively small room, with no chairs, simple cushions, tatami mats, Japanese-style tables, (then down to cardboard boxes and drawing boards) no pre-provided chalk for the blackboard, faulty equipment and the room would be dirty, like that of an abandoed house. If something broke, you used glue or tape to fix it, for example, with a broken window, you get plastic bags and tape to fix it.

The classes below are the ones mentioned in Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, the 2nd year classes:

Class A room 2-A
Class B room 2-B
Class C room 2-C
Class D room 2-D
Class E room 2-E
Class F room 2-F


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