Ingle Farm Women's Football Team

Members of the Ingle Farm Sporting Club, Players of the Women's Football Team, Supporters of the team or club and friends.

In 2000 the Under 12's Ingle Farm Junior Football Team were the only team in the competition that had girls playing alongside the boys. This benefitted both genders and created great loyalties and friendships within the club.
Subsequent to this, in 2012 Kelly Spence being unable to play due to injury decided to enter her own Women's Football Team in to the South Australian Women's Football League. She entered Ingle Farm in to the S.A.W.F.L. competition. Why she chose Ingle Farm to start up this dream, you can see below. The four of us (Hayley Williams-Gates, not pictured) were lucky to have had the oppertunity to play football at all, but Ingle Farm took us in and made sure we were treated as equal members in the club. You'll find that some of the boys, now men, still play for Ingle Farm Football Club today, now some of their girls, now women also play for Ingle Farm.

We hope that more young girls will play football for Ingle Farm in the near future.