In Loving Memory of Michael Smith 18/11/68-22/09/07

Michael passed away at home suddenly and unexpectedly 22/09/07

Michael, also known to the catering world as Schmikey, Mikey, Mike touched the hearts of many, he was a fun loving, cheeky, hard working, gentle person.
He was always ready to listen to anyone, and not judge anyone. He was known for his sarcasm, teasing, humour, crankiness, and his loud laugh.

He worked in many top London hotels and restaurants, including The Dorchester, The Ritz, Quo Vadis, Canteen, and various others as pastry chef, his work was his passion for many years. He also worked in Sydney Opera House and Benelong Restaurant in Australia, and also did a short stint at The Fig Leaf Restaurant in Singapore. His last job was at Chez Bruce Restaurant in Wandsworth Common, he had become part of the furniture, he had been there so long!

Those of you that knew Michael will know he had a medical history which had him in and out of hospital from the age of 19 when he was first diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease in Dec 1987, he was put into the care of Royal Marsden Hospital and after chemotherapy remained well until he relapsed in March 1997, he again fought and underwent radiotherapy, he remained well thereafter and after regular 6 monthly checkups was discharged from The Royal Marsden in 2004.

Michael was taken ill in April 2002 whilst working in Singapore, he was diagnosed with Chemotherapy induced Cardiomyopathy, he shortly returned back to London, and again began fighting the heart disease, he turned very ill in 2005, found it hard to walk more than a few steps without stopping for breath, couldnt get up the stairs, but still he carried on working long hours in the kitchen without complaining to anyone apart from Debbie with whom he shared his life from 2000 onwards. In Feb 2006 he had a pacemaker and ICD fitted and was so much better, he was enjoying his life and wanted to do things again. Lots of planning was being made for Debbie & Michaels future, the house was on the market, plans for marriage were being discussed privately.
Tragically on the morning of 22nd September, a wire in Michael's ICD fractured, his pacemaker started shocking him, and shocked his heart into the wrong rythm,within minutes he collapsed unconscious, Debbie and the paramedics performed CPR for what seemed like hours, but Debbie knew he had gone the minute he hit the floor, nothing prepares you for actually being told he had gone though. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, he suffered no pain.

He would not want anyone to be sad, so think of him and smile, and dont forget to laugh, remember him for what he was..a fun loving guy, with lots of love for all.