Tableland Futsal Club

it came to my attention that we had quite a few red cards last week. remember that this means a ban for the next game with that team (tomorrow), no matter what circumstances led to the ban. i dont want anyone who got red carded last week coming up to me tomorrow and say crap like "ohhh i didnt know" or some other lame excuse. were not having that anymore so be prepared. secondly i would like to address a very important issue that a few people in the club are pretty oblivious about. and that is the code of conduct. if you have been banned or warned, then thats it. have some decency and respect and suck it up. dont go to the manager or other members of the commitee and have a sook about how shit you think the reffs did their job. we cannot and will not reverse the decision that a reff has made. they volunteer to handle the games, and without them, we wouldnt have games full stop. most importantly, if you bring friends arround, then they also have to abide the code of conduct. we got a few complaints about some spectators sitting on the sidelines, swearing at the opposition team and giving the reffs a hard time. from now on, anyone who does that, will be banned from game nights for quite a while. we have parents and little children spectating and listening to some very foul language. that has to stop. were a futsal club, and not the BV on a third friday. thanks guys. see you all tomorrow.