This a place we all can go for an escape from the daily grind and enjoy what we all love, Boxers.To keep this page fun ,entertaining, and informative there has to be some guidelines on posting. Post photos of your boxers, share stories of life with a Boxer , and give advice.
1.All posts should be Boxer/Dog related.
2.This is NOT a puppy for sale page !!!! If this is the only reason you joined this group, this is not the right group for you. An admin WILL delete your post... If you post a photo of a litter of puppies dont do business on the page! If you want to ask about any puppies do it by msg and NOT in the comments. While there are breeders on the page, some have permission and contribute to the group with advice. It has to be this way because we all are here to see photos, stories and advice not ads and the many questions that are asked on litter photos.
3.No advertising of any kind.
4.No abuse to other members will be tolerated, even less towards admins.
5.No politics
6.No Sports
7.Dont flood the page with rescue/shelter dogs. While everyone is for rescuing, we dont want to come to this page and look at sad photos of dogs going to be PTS.
8.No animal abuse stories/photos. While every person on this page is totally against it,this page is an escape for many from the daily grind..
9.Re homing a boxer .. while im not a fan of this, i know sometimes this has to be done just contact an admin before posting.
10.This is not a page to ask for stud service.
11.You can not block admins. Even blocked we can still any post on the page. But this will keep the admins from effectively monitoring posts..When any admin sees that someone is blocking an admin they will be removed from the group..
12. Asking for money or fund raising for vet bills are not allowed on the page. If you need assistance for vet bill this page may be able to help.

Posts that are off topic will be deleted and repeated poster's will be banned.