Mauritius Photography

Welcome to this facebook page relating to photography in Mauritius. Photos, videos, places of interest in Mauritius will be unveiled to you. Sit down and enjoy the beautiful scenes and landscape of Mauritius.

Are you in Mauritius? Or are you interested in coming to Mauritius, this page will provide you with interesting articles related to the beauty of the island. Places of interest will be unveiled to you. Get raw and real images with full details in the photography blog (

You are invited to participate in the page, share your thoughts and send us photos you may have! Together, let’s reveal or explore the natural beauty of this paradise island of Mauritius!

This will be updated on a regular basis, so keep updated!

NOTE: To the attention of all Mauritius Photographers:
Feel free to post your photos on this page whether they are from DSLR, point & shoot or mobile phone. However, if you wish to share someone else photos, feel free too...but it is imperative to mention the authors name (or mention link taken from) in such a case! Thank you for your usual cooperation!