Friends of Kodiak

THIS IS NOT A FOR SALE BOARD! This group is specifically for the people of the town of Kodiak to advertise events, business sales, groups, organizations, etc. This is NOT a sale board, do not post your 'for sale' items here. There is a group called SwipSwap designed specifically for sale items. Your post will be deleted if it looks as if it belongs on swipswap.This group is also used as a discussion board. If you have a comment or critique feel free to post here; just keep it polite and 'constructive' and no naming individuals. Only 2 things not allowed in posts - 1. NO bashing of anyone, and NO bashing of law enforcement or emergency responders. Period. 2. Please keep it to a very minimal amount of cursing! (No F word or you will be deleted) This is just another way for our community to stay involved and communicate! Enjoy and we will see where this group takes us :) we are aiming to keep this local and friendly! People, this is a place for everyone to see what our town is made of..whether they are moving here, New in town or have lived here for years, we put guidelines in place to keep things friendly, not to start fights or offend anyone. If you don't agree with these guidelines please remember we are not forcing you to be a part of this group. ***Please make a donation of $100 or more to our animal shelter before posting your pet litters for sale!! *** Thank you, The Admins.