Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living (Grammas House)

This is an open group for everyone to share their comments,suggestions, especially to become more aware of Marrulut Eniit (which means Grammas House"in Yupik) Assisted Living Home. We want everyone to know what Grammas House is all about, what services we provide and how to obtain this information. This page will give you information on how to apply for residency on behalf of a family member, how to apply for employment, where to get applications, who to contact etc. This page is dedicated to our elders. Any persons who make slanderous or snide remarks that are directed to Grammas House staff or members of Marrulut Eniit page or towards "Grammas House" in general will be removed from this page. This page is for honoring not shaming. Thank you.