Photographers On Facebook

Photographers Unite!

Whether it be amateur, hobbyist, or professional, this is the place for you, to gather, talk, and show off your skills.

Just starting out, use the discussion board for tips and advice on where to start, just post up and someone willing to lend a few words of wisdom will be more than glad to help you out.

Please be friendly with the comments, any negative, off color, and disrespectful comments will be deleted and you will be banned from the group.

NO NUDITY! yes there are tasteful nudes but anything that breaks the terms of service of Facebook will be removed without prejudice and you will be banned without notice. Also anyone using this page to sell any merchandise or promote your online store will be pemanately banned

There are a limited number of moderators on this group and if we don't get to your request to join right away please don't get mad, we have lives as-well and we cant spend 24/7 on Facebook, so be patient you will be able to post the pictures you want when we approve your request.

We would like to thank you for joining this group and we especially would like to thank everyone who has posted pictures, without you this group would not be what it is today without you, I myself (Trevor) have been looking at all the submissions and they are amazing, please keep the great work flowing and lets make this group 1000 times better than any other photography group out there.


When posting pictures please we ask that you post a maximum of three pictures in a row per day, the pictures are great and we have not had to delete a single picture yet, but when you post more than three pictures the wall of the group becomes all of your pictures, others would like to have some front wall time and with the three pictures maximum it will give everyone a chance to have their awesome work displayed on the front wall page.

If more than three pictures are posted the moderators will remove all but the first three photos posted that day, we do not pick and choose which ones are removed, this way everyone will get to showcase their work on the wall.