Kendo can be defined as a fencing with the Japanese sword in, for the purposes of training, it is replaced authentic sword (Katana) with SHINAI, a kind of stick made of four bamboo slats held together with ancillary parts of leather. Its peculiarity is that the weapon is usually held with two hands.

It 'a martial art of ancient origins, codified in its present form during the Meiji era (1868-1911).

You can call, according to modern terms, a discipline "ethical sports", ie where the competitive aspect is not a priority, but subject to ethical principles such as respect, courtesy, fairness, honesty, and philosophy through the close link with the ZEN .

Citing finally the ideal of Kendo defined by ZEN NIPPON KENDO RENMEI we can say that the Kendo "is a way for the formation of the human being through the practice and study of the principles of the Japanese sword." See More