Emotional Abuse Awareness

Many people find that emotional abuse is difficult to talk about, this group aims to change that.

Emotional abuse isn't always recognized but unfortunately it is very common.

Ignorance, ridicule, disrespect, threats, and criticism should not be a part of a healthy relationship. I hope that with this group people can recognize when they are in poor relationships, realize their personal worth, and find ways to support each other.

Have you every found yourself making excuses for your partner's behavior?
Do you feel unsafe?
Do you feel embarrassed or think it is somehow not okay to talk with others about your relationship?
Do you find yourself doubting your memory or sense of reality?
Are you feeling depressed or losing interest in activities you previously enjoyed?

Has your partner physically hurt you, even once?

If you feel your relationship may be verbally or emotionally abusive, talk to people you trust. Call your local women's shelter, educate yourself, seek help.

Don't believe promises that have been broken again and again. Don't let verbal and emotional abuse escalate to worse.