DFW GUN LOCKER, BUY, SELL, TRADE is a CLOSED group. If you don't like the rules, feel free to start your own group. This group is large, and the admins want it to be a place that people can use for safe, legal gun and gun related transactions. Because the group is so large, and the pay for admins is non-existent, we can get trigger happy when it comes to banning people from the site. Banning troublemakers at the first sign of trouble makes our jobs much easier. If you value being a member, read the rules and stay on your toes.
1. Firearms or closely related items only. We don't do trucks or purses or birdhouses here. DFW JUNK DRAWER BUY,SELL, OR TRADE is our sister group that is great for non-firearm sales. No knives, swords, airsoft, bows, decoys, etc.
Holsters, safes, gun cases, attachment lights, ammo, etc. are okay.
2. Be polite. We don't care how you act at home, we want our mothers to be able to read what is on this site without blushing. We don't care whether you have poor spelling or grammar, just lay off the profanity and insults.
3. No price Nazis. Some people are willing to pay a premium for a hard-to-find item. For every nickel a round buy at Walmart there is another retailer selling at 40 cents per round. Different strokes for different folks. Don't like the price, move on. Every time you comment about it, you just push that post back up to the top, anyway. Get caught at it, and you are banned from the group.
4. Monitor your ads, and respond to offers. If you aren't going to reply to people, don't post your ads here. If you make a deal, follow through. We don't need people buying, selling, or trading here whose word isn't good.
5. Post your basic information. Everybody needs to know a price range and general location, so include it on your original post.
6. Post your information here, don't post an ad elsewhere and then just post a link on this page. No auctions or raffles. Most online raffles are illegal, anyway.
7. When your deal is completed, comment "delete" on your post, or delete it yourself.
8. No ads for other gun group pages. That is just rude.
9. No more than three ads per person at a time, and no more than one ad per item. If you don't like the first ad you post, edit it, or delete it and post a new one.
10. Do not "bump" your post more than once each 24 hours.