African Aviation Group

African Aviation Group (AAG) is a group of Africans and friends ...of Africa who are passionate about aviation and air travel on the African continent. Whether you are an aviation professional or an aviation enthusiast or just a lover of airplanes, you are welcome. Feel free to discuss aviation, feel free to gossip about airlines and feel free to give your recommendations.

Constructive criticisms geared towards the development of aviation in Africa, are allowed. We discuss the operations of African airlines and foreign airlines that operate into Africa with a view of advocating better treatment to passengers. Did you have a great flight or were you let down by your airline? Please talk about it here.

Prospective aviation professionals can find helpful resources here with respect to career choice and training.

Do you have aviation related jobs and vacancies? Please feel free to post them here.


1. The language of this group is English. For clarity and to avoid misunderstanding, only conventional abbreviations are allowed in any discussion in the group. Pornography, foul languages and name calling are under no circumstances acceptable in this group.

2. Please note that only aviation and air travel related posts, pictures and videos are accepted in this group. Irrelevant posts, pictures and videos will be deleted by the group admin.

3. The use of copyright protected images and videos without the permission of or attribution to the original owner, is not allowed. While defaulters may be banned, the group shall not be liable for the use of such materials.

4. Posts including articles, images and videos solely intended to advertise a brand or a product are not allowed, and will be deleted.

5. Members of this group consist of people from the whole of Africa and beyond. Please let us tolerate one another and respect people’s views.