FOR SALE, free or wanted - Wivenhoe, Essex only


All posts must have the price within the listing . The word 'offers' is not accepted and if outside of Wivenhoe please put location.
Do not add more than 2 albums (total 10 items) or 5 separate posts.
Only bump items once every 7 days
No animals to be sold, given away or asked for. No selling of cigarettes or alcohol permitted.
No adverts allowed that mentions the words WIN, LIKE or SHARE.
The occasional advert for a LOCAL business is ok (Wivenhoe & surrounding villages but will include Brightlingsea). If you are not sure please contact admin to have it verified.

If someone comments on your post it is perceived as an interest in the item. Please give them time to reply before offering to the next in line.
If you wish to purchase an item please comment first on the listing then you can PM them. This stops the sale being done sneakerly and underhanded.
If an item is bought and found to be faulty and not as described under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 they are entitled to their money back. Items should be checked, they are working, before handing over money, especially electrical items.

If a member is found to be abusing these rules regularly they will be removed from the site.

Members must be 18yrs and over

Old photos will be deleted after 10 days.
You are welcome to re-post deleted items again at a later date

Happy buying/selling - lets keep this group friendly.

Thank you :-)