KC Pinterest Addicts Swap & Shop

Page owner & Administrators are not responsible for any potential copyright infringement*** The admins reserve rights to delete anything posted by any member without warning if a member violates the rules** If your post in missing, please review rules before contacting Admin to ask why. If rules were not broken, proceed with a pm for clarity. This page does not allow posts for fundraisers or donations. They will be removed immediately. There are many local agencies & charities to help. Post completed pinterest projects for sale or items that can be used for pinterest projects. No food, clothing, electronics, couches or recliners. Must be selling from home & willing to meet buyer. If you are posting pics from a booth, shop, boutique, business page, are having a garage sale, event, sale, please post to our subpage: https://www.facebook.com/groups/555090757952336

Please post as much info as possible: dimensions, location for pick-up, age, any other important details. The site is not fcfs. List a price on all photos.

We are no longer allowing "free" posts. This always causes catfights. If you don't care what you want for it, just price it on the low side.

Commenter with commitment to buy has 4 hours to contact you for pick-up. If you have not been contacting within 4 hours, move to next in line. Buyers must pick up within 24 hours.

Delete your post and pic after the item is picked up. This will allow you to go back to next in line in the case on a no show or buyer that backs out (please also contact Admins when this happens)

If you have 4 or more items, please post via album. You can bump your album once a week. ***Do not bump individual items - this takes up a lot of space on the page***

It is recommended to sellers that you consider a deposit when making a custom or high valued order.

If you see an item that is not already spoken for and want to buy it, you need to pm the seller immediately for pick up arrangements. Do not commit if you are not serious, are in agreement of meeting at the sellers listed location and have the means to pick up large items, etc. Your place in line allows 4 hours to contact with arrangements. Then you have 24 hours to pick up.

No shows & backing out of a purchase will not be tolerated. Three offenses of this rules will remove you from the group.

Be polite and respectful of others. If we receive a complaint that you are acting otherwise, you will be removed from the group.

***By viewing posts from this group, you agree to the terms above. You also hold harmless the group owner, creator, members and Administrators from any legal ramifications or copyright issues. You also agree that the past, present and future creator, owner & administrators are not held responsible for any disagreements or legal issues between members, buyers and sellers.***